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Eric Neumann contributed:

  1. Given: a cancer patient with 4 different genetic alterations (1 alteration per gene), 2 with known effects, 2 with unknown effects. 
    Goal: incorporate them into a context-specific model containing the canonical causal reactions:
    1. Predict (downstream) molecular consequences; if necessary, generate all responses depending on different possible combinations of the genes with “unknown effects” mutations 
    2. Predict (downstream) phenotypic consequences; again with different possible combinations of effects for the unknowns
    3. Identify if there are any targets for therapies near these altered genes 

  2. Given: a study with N cancer patients all diagnosed for the same tumor type, with gene alterations ranging over several driver genes, and several “variants of uncertain significance” (VUS) genes. Assume there is some available clinical response data to some therapies.
    Goal: Use OpenBEL to help the study of multiple patients, and integrate with therapy responses.
    1. How can the affected molecular mechanisms between different patients be compared?
    2. Can enough be learned from the pattern of driver genes using OpenBEL that some of the VUS genes can be related to these?
    3. How do the clinical responses become associated to the identified mechanisms?
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