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There are two main drivers for the next version (after BEL 2.0) of BEL, one is supporting Adverse Outcome Pathways, and the other is supporting the BELIEF text mining platform by Fraunhofer-SCAI.  The working title for this proposal is BEL 2+.  We will finalize on BEL 2.1 or BEL 3.0 depending on how backwards compatible it turns out to be.

The changes should each be on a separate page with a Title, summary of the proposed change, examples statements, and use cases (what knowledge is being captured and how it will be used by users and algorithms), followed by additional details.




  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation BEL Gaps 2015-11-12.pptx Original notes for AOP support Nov 12, 2015 by William Hayes


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