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  • OpenBEL platform discussion (2015-10-16)
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  • Explore goals that participants have with OpenBEL tools.
  • Discuss the OpenBEL platform at a high level.
  • How can the tools help these goals? What additional pieces are needed?
  • Wrap-up. Action items.

Google Hangout

Date: 2015-10-16, Time: 14:00 UTC


Sumit Madan

Nick Bargnesi

Tony Bargnesi


  • (Sumit) Shared usage and goals of Sumit and Christian.
    • (Sumit) Programmatic construction of BEL objects for text mining use-cases. Ultimately, BEL networks will need to be compiled and searched.
    • (Sumit) Small scale networks.
    • (Christian) Connecting databases together and creating networks. Parsing BEL with python and storing in MySQL along with other databases (e.g. Uniprot).
  • (Nick) Shared usage and goals.
    • Use of large scale networks for query and analysis.
    • Use of OpenBEL resources for scripting conversions (e.g. equivalences, orthologs).
  • (Sumit) Mark has experience with RDF and when it may or may not be prohibitive (e.g. scale of triples).
  • (Sumit) BioCreative needed to parse BEL expressions but did not have or were not aware of tools that existed for this.

Platform Discussion

We discussed how language support could be layered from grammar, to library, to HTTP API. Developers could use a library or HTTP API for the same set of capabilities.


  • Brought up a need for a roadmap of the OpenBEL Platform.
  • Brought up hiding of old/unmaintained GitHub repositories to make it easier for users to find active projects.


  • Brought up challenges with documentation for what is available.


  • Offered a layering of tools to allow developers different ways to work with BEL.


  • (Sumit, Nick, Tony) Work on Roadmap. Tony will kick it off.
  • (Nick) Create system diagram for OpenBEL Platform.
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