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This document describes the deployment of the BEL Framework V1 in production environment. The BEL Framework V1 includes the following components:

  • BEL Workbench
  • BEL Framework Compiler/Assembler
  • BEL Framework Tools
  • BEL Framework API, and
  • BEL Framework Web API.

Refer to the BEL Framework V1.2 Getting Started Guide for system requirements and installation instructions. When deploying the BEL Framework in production environment, additional considerations must be taken into account.

Version Changes

Version 1.2 of the BEL Framework includes changes to the KAMs and how KAMs are stored and Version 1.2 KAMs are no longer backwardly compatible to earlier versions. Existing KAMs will need to be rebuilt and any existing KAM schemas removed and re-created.