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This section will guide you through the steps needed to configure an Eclipse Java project with BEL Framework API libraries.

Start Eclipse

Once Eclipse is installed, simply click on the Eclipse application launcher icon to start the application. You may be prompted to set your workspace folder. The workspace folder is the parent folder for all your projects.

Create a new Java Project

To create a Java project:

  1. Choose File > New > Java Project from the menu bar.

A new Java Project dialog will be displayed.

  1. Choose a name for the project. In this example, we will use "BELFrameworkExample" as the name of the project.
  2. Make sure Java 1.6 is selected under the JRE section.

Adding BEL Framework API libraries

  1. Click Next. A new dialog will be shown where you will be able to set additional Java settings for the project.


  1. Click the Libraries tab at the top of the dialog. This form will allow you to add the required BEL Framework Java API libraries to the project.
  2. Click the Add External JARs button. A JAR selection dialog appears.
  3. Navigate to your BEL Framework installation directory and select the lib/api folder. A list of java archive files (JARs) will be shown.
  4. Using the mouse, select all the JAR files in this folder and click the Open button to add them to the project. The list of BEL Framework JARs will be shown in the Libraries tab.


  1. Click Finish. You are now ready to develop code using the BEL Framework API.