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BEL Statements can be used to represent the relationships of biological process and pathology terms within ontologies like MeSH and GO using the isA relationship.
This example shows a representation of a MeSH tree:

Code Block
pathology(MESH:"Skin Diseases") isA pathology(MESH:"Skin and Connective Tissue Diseases")
pathology(MESH:"Skin Diseases, Papulosquamous") isA  pathology(MESH:"Skin Diseases") 
pathology(MESH:Psoriasis) isA pathology(MESH:"Skin Diseases, Papulosquamous") 
pathology(MESH:"Arthritis, Psoriatic") isA pathology(MESH:Psoriasis)

The above statements connect the more specific pathology "Psoriasis" with the more general pathology "Skin Diseases" through a series of isA relationships.

The following example shows the representation of a GO biological process hierarchy in BEL Statements:

Code Block
bp(GO:"cell death") isA bp(GO:"cellular process")
bp(GO:"programmed cell death") isA bp(GO:"cell death") 
bp(GO:"apoptotic process") isA bp(GO:"programmed cell death") 

The above statements connect the more specific biological process "apoptosis" with the more general biological process "cell death" through a series of isA relationships.