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  • BEL Expression, one of:
    • BEL Parameter - AKT1, HGNC:AKT1
    • BEL Term - degradation(p(HGNC:AKT1))
    • BEL Statement - p(HGNC:VEGFA) -> bp(GOBP:angiogenesis)
  • BEL Evidence, comprised of:
    • BEL Statement
    • Citation
    • SummaryText
    • Experiment Context
    • Metadata
    • References
  • Evidence Store
  • Translator
  • RDF Repository
  • BEL Network - BEL Evidences that have been equivalenced, deduced and inferred and usable as a BEL Knowledgebase
  • BEL Resources
    • Namespaces
    • Experiment Context
    • Foundational BEL Statements

Deduced BEL Statements

BEL Statements can be deduced from other BEL statements in accordance with rules defined by BEL (depends on language version).

Example (Degradation expansion, Molecular Activity expansion):

deg(p(MGI:Nfkbia)) =| p(MGI:Nfkbia)

p(MGI:Chuk) actsIn kin(p(MGI:Chuk))

can be deduced from

kin(p(MGI:Chuk)) increases deg(p(MGI:Nfkbia))

These deductions are intrinsic to the BEL expression and language rules. No further input is needed to perform the deduction.

Inferred BEL Statements

BEL Statements can be inferred from other BEL statements given some additional information.

Example (Gene activation pathway):

g(RGD:F3) transcribedTo r(RGD:F3) translatedTo p(RGD:F3)

can be inferred from

path(SDIS:"tissue damage") increases p(RGD:F3)

knowing RGD:F3 has a protein encoding type (e.g. gene with protein product)

This inference requires additional input (i.e. namely language rules and protein coding type for namespace value) for this reasoning to hold.

The orthologousTo relationships can also be inferred given two BEL expressions and additional gene orthology data.



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