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  1. BEL Language (for Biologists)
    1. Publish BEL 2.0

      1. Create Grammar
      2. Update framework
      3. Update KAM/RDF functionalitites
      4. Write old document migrator
    2. Discuss and plan BEL 3.0

  2. BEL Framework (for developers)

    1. Clean up the Git repository (create a repository for deprectated projects like the eclipse editor.)

    2. Create a three layer architecture which will set the foundation of the current framework

      1. First layer: Grammar (might be libbel, ANTLR, Ragle etc.), which parses BELScript and BEL statements

      2. Second layer: Python or/and Ruby or/and Java Framework should be able to provide use this library or the grammer which

      3. Third layer: Standard API which can be used by developers who doesn't need information about the underlying framework

    3. Import of BEL Evidence from supported formats.
      1. Implemented in OpenBEL Platform API.
      2. Issues:
    4. Export of BEL Evidence to supported formats.
      1. Implemented in OpenBEL Platform API.
      2. Issues:
  3. BEL Namespace Repository


  4. BEL Graphical User Interface (search and create functionalities)

    1. Search, create, modify, update BEL statements, annotations and documents

    2. No knowledge of BELScript should be needed (will reduce complexity a lot)

    3. One standard GUI for all users

    4. Add capabilities of the text mining architecture

    5. Improved autocomplete of BEL syntax.
      1. Supports the BEL Manager.
      2. Implemented with libbel and bel.rb.
      3. Issues:
  5. BEL Network Manager
    1. Decide the short and mid/long term technogoly: KAM/RDF/Cytoscape/Neo4J etc.
    2. Storage of BEL Evidence in an RDF model. Support out-of-the-box solution and integrate with SPARQL server using SPARQL Update.
      1. Implemented in OpenBEL Platform API.
    3. Support for building vertex/edge BEL networks from RDF model.

  6. BEL Documentation and Wiki

    1. Clean up the Wiki

    2. Maintain documentation for two user groups: biologists and developers

      1. Three main sections: BEL Language, BEL Framework, BEL Networks

    3. Create annotation guidelines for biologosts


      1. Move blog content to Wiki Blog

      2. Take all the content on offline and put the relevant content on

      3. Create just a (well-designed) single information page on about what BEL is, for whom it is, what you can do with it and which are the supporters of the project. The page forwards to appropriate sites of

      4. Create a main supporters (Selventa, Fraunhofer SCAI, Foundation Medicine etc.) block also on the front page of OpenBEL wiki. This will make a strong statement to the users that reliable companies are supporting the OpenBEL project.

    4. Wiki landing page restructuring:

      1. Describe OpenBEL and some use cases

        1. Section for biologists: language documentation, best practices, also link the data

        2. Section for developers: Show BEL Language documentation page links

        3. Section for community contributions: User groups, Meetings, Publications, Presentations, (Announcements)

      2. Remove block "Who can view this site?"

      3. Activity Stream should be at the lowest level.

    5. Clean WikiSpaces - Migrate and remove Spaces:

      1. Servers, Projects, OpenBEL Platform, OpenBEL, BEL Language Working Group, BEL Scripts, BEL Framework Troubleshooting, BEL to RDF, BEL-Related Publications, BELoncore

    6. Clean WikiSpaces - Keep only following Spaces:

      1. Home

      2. BEL Language Documentation V1.0

      3. BEL Language Documentation V2.0

      4. BEL Framework Documentation V2.0

      5. BEL Framework Documentation V4.0 (Troubleshooting)

      6. BEL Namespace Repository (BEL Resource Files)

      7. BEL Networks (BEL to RDF, KAM)

      8. Rename "Contributions" to "Community Contributions" (Every communication and data for public should be added here.)

      9. External Projects (Google Summer of Code)

      10. Archive

    7. Restructure Gitpage in 5 projects

      1. BEL framework v3.0-stable (resource-generator, openbel-server, openbel-framework, bel-nav, openbel-framework-resources, cytoscape-plugins, openbel-framework-examples)

      2. BEL framework v4.0-beta (bel.rb, belmgr-web, bel2rdf, libbel, rdf-misc, belmgr, belhop, openbel-contributions, rest-api, openbel.rb)

      3. BEL language (language)

      4. Misc (export-orthology)

      5. Archive (bel-editor, eclipse, openbel-vim)

    8. Clean up the Wiki

    9. Create annotation guidelines for biologists
    10. Create short and long howtos, screencasts etc. for biologists
    11. Documents which are not yet completed shouldn't be open for the whole world. Only users who can log in should see these documents.