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The following table lists the exit codes that the BEL Framework Compiler will return.For example when running the BEL Framework in a console you may see an error such as:


Running the compiler, in the console, when a KAM already exists by name (i.e. you may want --no-preserve).

Code Block
titleDuplicate KAM - Exit code(23)
$ # Run the compiler twice without specifying "--no-preserve" to overwrite existing KAM by name.
$ ./ -v -t -f example.bel -k example -d example
OpenBEL Framework V3.0.0: Compiler/Assembler
Copyright (c) 2011-2012, Selventa. All Rights Reserved.
Compiler/Assembler failed with error (23) KAM name already exists.
BEL Compiler exited with error code 23 in phase 0.

$ # Reports exit code of last completed process (Unix, Linux).
$ echo $?




List of Exit Codes

Exit CodeReason
General failure1
Unrecoverable error2
All documents failed validation3
All documents failed conversion4
No proto-networks saved5
No XBEL documents6
Bad output directory7
Invalid namespace resource location8
Parse error9
KAM connection failure10
No global proto network11
Failed to merge proto-networks12
Missing system configuration13
Failure loading into the KAM catalog14
Failure deleting a directory15
Failed creating a directory16
Failed loading the KAM17

Duplicate KAM name

Out of memory42
Pedantic validation failure101
Pedantic conversion failure102
Pedantic namespace resolution failure103
Pedantic namespace indexing failure104
Pedantic semantic verification failure105
Pedantic symbol verification failure


Pedantic proto-network save failure107
Term expansion failure108
Statement expansion failure109