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Provide an HTTP API for completing BEL terms and statements.


  • Comprehensive services to fulfill auto-complete UIs (e.g. server dictates BEL structures, BEL v1, BEL v2, etc...)
  • Identifier search for namespace concepts
  • Syntactic and semantic validation


  •  Build concept uri, scheme uri, type (using sqlite group_concat), identifier, prefLabel, title, and altLabels into FTS.
  •  Complete IdentifierSearch and implementations (sqlite) in bel.rb.
  •  Hook up BEL::Completion with identifier search instance. Extend BEL::Completion with namespace value completing.
  •  Plug-in for openbel-server to integrate IdentifierSearch. Create rest apis for identifier search.


Swagger specification for the BEL API can be found at:

HTTP API - Documentation

Resource types


  • Completion on BEL statements.
  • Completion on BEL parts (e.g. subject, relationship, object).
  • Syntax validation of BEL statements.
  • Syntax validation of BEL parts (e.g. subject, relationship, object).
  • Semantic validation of BEL statements.
  • Semantic valiidation of BEL parts (e.g. subject, relationship, object).