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Create web visualizations from the BEL RDF model in order to display knowledge statistics (e.g., numbers of statements involving different abundance and process types, distribution of statements by anatomy context, changes in knowledge content over time).  One suggestion would be to use Visualbox to mix SPARQL with HTML.

Results: Web visualizations

Prerequisites: RDF, Web tools

Mentor: Anthony BargnesiBEL (Biological Expression Language) can represents scientific findings in the life sciences in a computable form. OpenBEL has recently designed an RDF model for BEL to integrate our language seamlessly with other life science vocabularies.

It can be difficult to determine what types of data comprise your RDF model and tedious to run statistic queries to determine how much data of these types. Graphical visualizations can better convey this information though it can be hard to figure our which visualization is appropriate. Tools like Sgvizler and Visualbox provide a great start to pairing RDF data with visualizations.

This project's goal is to explore the BEL RDF model and determine which visualizations are the most informative and appealing. Examples of queries might be:


The result should be a live demo of visualizations against the BEL RDF model.




Anthony Bargnesi (email: