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NameEscape SequenceDescription
Backslash\\Include an actual backslash character in the string.
Backspace control character\bCaptures a backspace control character (less used).
Tab\tCaptures a tab character.

Captures a newline character.

Form feed\fCaptures a form feed character.
Carriage return\rCaptures a carriage return character.
Double quote\"Captures a double quote character.
Single quote\'Captures a single quote character.
Unicode\uXXXX (X = hexidecimal 0 - F)

Captures a unicode character.  For example \u2026 represents the horizontal ellipsis (



\OOO, \OO, or \O

(O = octal 0 - 7)

Captures a character by its octal value.


Object Identifiers

Annotation Type and Namespace identifiers must contain only alphanumeric characters and underscore (_). They must not begin with number. By convention BEL Script uses Camel Case for object identifiers.