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Welcome to the OpenBEL wiki.

Home to our knowledge, resources, and tutorials surrounding OpenBEL.
  • The Dashboard provides a full layout of the wiki site.
  • For BEL Script documentation, including BEL document examples, jump right into BEL Script.
  • Contributions, comments, and dialogue surrounding OpenBEL are collaborated in Contributions.



Who can can view this site?

This wiki is open to anyone wanting to browse its content. However, visitors are encouraged to register an account with OpenBEL. As a registered user, additional features such commenting, editing, and contributing to the wiki will be made available.


Space: BEL Framework
Space: BEL Framework Documentation V2.0 (Current version)
Space: BEL Framework Troubleshooting
Space: BEL Language
Space: BEL Language Documentation V1.0 (Current version)
Space: BEL Language v2.0 Documentation
Space: BEL Language Working Group
Space: BEL-Related Publications
Space: BEL Resource Files
Information about BEL resources, including namespaces, annotations, equivalences, and orthology.
Space: BEL Scripts
Space: BEL to RDF
Space: Biocreative
Space: Contributions
Space: Google Summer of Code
Space: Home
Space: OpenBEL
Space: OpenBEL Meetings
Space: OpenBEL Platform
Space: Projects
Space: zArchive BEL Framework V1.2 Documentation
BEL Framework Version 1.2 Documentation
Space: zArchive BEL Language pre-V1.0 Documentation

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