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Provide an HTTP API for storage of BEL evidence.


  • Support all storage operations for BEL evidence (e.g. GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, DELETE).
  • JSON data format conforming to BEL JGF evidence schema. Extend with support for metadata.
  • Search evidence by multiple criteria.
  • Export all evidence or all evidence from a search. Streaming HTTP content will be a nice option here.


  • Determine which evidence properties should be full-text searchable based on the evidence resource schema.
  • Research full-text search capabilities with Mongo.
  • Approach for integrating full-text search for evidence collection.

Evidence Search Facets 

To be presented in following order:

  • Species
  • BEL Relationship
  • Status (Approved, Review, Draft, Rejected)
  • CitationType
  • PubmedID – only if it's not too expensive a query - filter for PubMed CitationType and then facet PMID's
  • Source (Selventa, PMI, CTD, etc) - phase 2


RAML specification for the BEL API can be found at:

HTTP API - Documentation

Resource types



Text Search of the Evidence


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