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  • Installation Overview - BEL Framework and Related Tools
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BEL Framework Installation

  1. Download the OpenBEL Framework here:
    1. Current release is v2.0.0 “Dragon Fruit”
    2. Preview build 3.0.0 (includes orthology support)
  2. Unzip file in desired location
    1. You will need this path for the BEL Editor (Eclipse plugin) configuration
  3. Set JAVA_HOME
    1. This is required to use the KAM Navigator Cytoscape plugin with a KAM in the local KAM store
  4. Increase allocated memory (recommended)
    1. Edit the (Linux/OS X) or setenv.cmd (Windows) file
    2. Near the bottom of the document you will see the line: set JAVA_OPTs=-Xmx1024m ....
    3. Change 1024m to 2048m (or higher)

KAM Navigator Installation

  1. See the GitHub page wiki for detailed instructions
  2. Download Cytoscape
    1. KAM Navigator requires 2.8
  3. Launch Cytoscape
    1. Select Plugins -> Manage Plugins
    2. Click the Settings tab
      1. Click the Add button
      2. Add a name
      3. Add the URL
    3. Select the download site you just added and available plugins will be shown
      1. From the Theme folder select KAM Navigator
      2. Current version is 0.9

BEL Editor Installation

  1. See the BEL Editor GitHub page wiki for detailed instructions
  2. Install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  3. Download Eclipse (Indigo) and extract to desired location
    2. Any package should work, but Eclipse Classic is a safe bet
  4. Launch Eclipse
    1. Go to Help -> Install New Software…
    2. Click Add…
    3. Add link to stable repository for BEL Editor
      1. see
    4. Select BEL Editor from the list and follow the wizard to finish
  5. Configure
    1. Open Window -> Preferences
    2. Select BEL Editor
    3. Specify the paths for your BEL Framework Installation (required) and Cytoscape (optional)

Whistle Installation

  1. See the GitHub page README for detailed instructions:
  2. Download Whistle from
    1. Current release is 1.0.0
  3. Unzip file in desired location
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