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Incomplete tasks from meetings

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Juliane Fluck to publish BEL Language enhancement proposal on Wiki and announce on Google Discussion group and LinkedIn
Juliane Fluck2015-11-17 Meeting notes
  • Sumit Madan  Provide more information on the Ontology proposal for BEL Namespaces and Annotations
Sumit Madan2015-11-10 Meeting notes
  • Anthony J. Bargnesi  Create OpenBEL Platform Github repo and add Milestone targets and associated issues
Anthony J. Bargnesi2015-11-10 Meeting notes
Anthony J. Bargnesi2015-10-27 Meeting notes
  • Anthony J. Bargnesi and Sumit Madan meet to review openbel platform and planning session, compiler and BEL 2.0 - please pull in whoever else you need for this.
Anthony J. Bargnesi2015-10-13 Meeting notes
  • William Hayes setup meeting to define how to incorporate custom namespaces into OpenBEL
William Hayes2015-10-13 Meeting notes
  • Juliane Fluck - connect William with BEL Curation Interface development team to coordinate BEL Web Interfaces
Juliane Fluck2015-10-06 Meeting notes
  • Sumit Madan - provide Github username to be added as Fraunhofer-SCAI OpenBEL Github admin
Sumit Madan2015-10-06 Meeting notes
  • Anthony J. Bargnesi – meet with Sumit, Christian to review more deeply OpenBEL architecture and language choices
Anthony J. Bargnesi2015-10-06 Meeting notes

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