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  • 2016-02-23 Meeting notes
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  • Completed wiki articles on using/creating BEL translator plugins.
  • Working towards next version of OpenBEL API (0.6.0) that allows serialization of BEL Nanopubs from available bel.rb translator plugins.


  • Updated architecture diagrams using Google Docs.

  • Authentication workflow is mostly complete.

  • BEL Manager plugins are feature complete, but documentation and testing are needed.

  • tranSMART update: Finished translation from Linux Foundation.


  • Sharing a subset of Metabase in BEL Format.
  • Will check in with Alexandr regarding issue #92.


  • Issues with RDF conversion of empty "complex()" terms.

  • Missing type information in the RDF conversion for nested statements.

  • Issues issue #92 and issue #106 are our main issue.


  • Slow progress on Cx translator due to unfamiliarity with Ruby.
  • Issue with RDF conversion of protein modifications.


The group discussed issues around RDF conversion of BEL Script. A few specific cases of incorrect RDF conversion need to be entered as issues on GitHub.


Concerns were raised around familiarity with Ruby and whether there are Ruby developers from the biological community. This limits the number of developers, from the biological community, who can easily contribute to the project. This was acknowledged by the group. If there are questions when working with Ruby, bel.rb, or OpenBEL API please reach out over gitter. We can help each other and in turn learn something new.


  • Create RDF conversion issues discussed today (Julia, Manfred, Dexter).