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  • 2016-02-16 Meeting notes
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  • Worked on splitting BEL manager into aurelia plugins.
  • Working on authentication workflow using JWT token provided by configurable login URL.
  • Still working on architectural diagrams.


  • Alexandr is continuing to dig into OpenBEL/bel.rb#92 and get up to speed on Ruby.
  • Encountered issue with the inability to serialize a LIST annotation to RDF using bel.rb. Will open an issue on bel.rb.


Julia raised an issue around the lack of RDF conversions for BEL Script internal annotations. The PATTERN and LIST annotations were omitted from the initial implementation of RDF conversion, and never implemented. The discussed use case was regarding using internal statement ids as an internal annotation backed by a LIST of valid statement ids.

Julia will create an enhancement to get this supported. In the issue we can discuss the RDF representation needed to support regular expression patterns and enumerated lists.

A brief discussion was held on different views of BEL Script (statements grouped by citation vs. discrete statements) serialization prompted by Julia. Different BEL Script serializations, introduced in bel.rb (0.5.0), were mentioned as a related note. See this description of the feature.


  • Finalizing Creating a translator plugin tutorial (Tony).
  • Putting together architecture diagrams (William / Kelly).
  • Creating bel.rb GitHub issue around RDF support for PATTERN / LIST internal annotations (Julia).