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  • 2016-01-12 Meeting notes
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  • Starting back on BEL Manager tomorrow. Focusing on authentication workflow and splitting functionality into individual Aurelia components.


  • Working on two bugs with OpenBEL API.
    • Hit max document size limit in Mongo when computing facets on a medium size evidence collection (160K evidence resources).
    • Hit out of memory exception when loading BEL document (e.g. .bel, .xbel, .json) with greater than or equal to 50,000 evidence resources. See fix in commit pushed to master.
  • Putting together a survey on BEL terminology to go out to the community. Will go out today.
  • Next up: Starting to think about how to structure BEL parsers to support:
    • BEL 2.0
    • Autocomplete of statement, term, and parameter.
    • Java, C, Ruby
    • Format grammar (BNF)


  • Connecting with developer after the holidays.
  • Will take a look at BEL Manager.