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  • 2015-12-01 Meeting notes
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Discussion items

 Soft release of index 1.3Dexter

Doing soft release of index 1.3, testing server soon to be up - try BEL and CX

Documentation at

Plans to CX-ify BEL

BELRB + translator plugin functionality to be wrapped in service -> gateway in/out of index and Cytoscape infrastructure for BEL; Submit Agent may be relevant tool for this goal ~ January


BEL ruby module provides good translator plugin

Plans to implement conversion: http request bodies streamed in -> converted format streamed out


Question from Juliana: name confusion with 'BEL evidence' vs. 'BEL nanopub (proposed new name)': old extracted text vs. statement + citation + summary text + annotations + metadata

  • jargon name discussion for 'evidence':
    • rename proposals: 'BEL quantum'/'BEL atom': the minimum structural component
  • 'Summary Text'
    • rename proposal: 'supporting text'

Discussion to be continued on Google Group


Working on filling in infrastructure:

  • annotations
  • autocomplete
  • storage of BEL evidences
  • plugins integrated wiht BEL RB

Pre-release of BEL RB (includes new plugin APIs) features efficient saving of bel document scripts and integration of ApacheJenna w/ BEL RB(ruby-rdf on github)

Action items