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  • 2015-11-24 Meeting notes
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Discussion items


OpenBEL Wiki, Build Server, and resources updated. New EC2 instance and versions of Atlassian Confluence and Bamboo. Resources are now being served by NGINX.


RDF/Conceptual Model


Overview/creation of BEL RDF Model

Julia: on implementing similar models on her team

 Developer OnboardingJuliaNew developer brought in, starting to get up to speed
 bel.rb / OpenBEL Server UpdatesTony


  • bel.rb plug-in support for RDF.rb's repository allowing connection to RDF data sources
  • bel.rb plug-in support for resource search, enabling full-text search for annotations and namespaces
  • bel.rb namespaces API search implementation supporting full-term search
  • bel.rb sqlite resource search implementation supporting full-term search

In progress

  • Connecting Apache Jena to bel.rb for evidence storage
  • Autocomplete
 BEL Wiki ContentKellyGetting familiar with BEL and the BEL wiki. Developing a plan on how best to organize the content and efficiently/effectively guide people to get started.

Action items