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  • 2015-10-06 Meeting notes
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  • Coordinate Open Source OpenBEL development projects
    • Who, when, what
  • Provide status updates on work completed and blockers
  • Share plans on next week(s) OpenBEL-related work

Discussion items

30minHow to coordinate?Everyone
20minOverview of current OpenBEL infrastructure statusTony 

Action items

  • Anthony J. Bargnesi – meet with Sumit, Christian to review more deeply OpenBEL architecture and language choices
  • Sumit Madan - provide Github username to be added as Fraunhofer-SCAI OpenBEL Github admin
  • Juliane Fluck - connect William with BEL Curation Interface development team to coordinate BEL Web Interfaces

1 Comment

  1. Hi All,

    We are starting on some BEL related work on NDEx and would like to coordinate:

    1. We would love to have (and host) a BEL curation web application that could use NDEx as a store for BEL documents, so we would be happy to coordinate on that issue.
      1. It could take advantage of the NDEx user/group network sharing system
      2. NDEx is becoming the default storage system for the Cytoscape world
    2. We are in the process of finalizing the v1.0 CX network exchange format with the Cytoscape group - which will supplant XGMML as the preferred interchange format in the Cytoscape world
      1. I'm discussing one aspect with William today, but in general, this is the time to discuss BEL in CX
      2. We will be able to have an information-preserving encoding of BEL in CX, but also support simplified versions, similar to the XGMML versions of BEL networks.
    3. A specific issue for NDEx and CX is the handling of resource files
      1. We have a plan for optionally storing snapshots of resource files with the network.  This is an important issue for users who wish to reliably archive networks.
    4. We see the need for a general purpose orthology service framework
      1. BEL and other network formats transformed by specific orthology services
      2. A given service provides one or more approaches to orthology translation and records its method and the resources used in the provenance history of the network