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Access BEL Namespaces and Annotations in bel.rb. This is accomplished using RDF data and combines an RDF Repository layer with an object model API.

* RDF Repositories directly use the API provided by the [rdf]( gem. These objects provide an API for query by basic graph pattern (bgp) or SPARQL. Potential RDF repository integrations:
  - SPARQL endpoint (over HTTP)
  - Mongo
  - Sesame (over HTTP)
  - DataObjects (Relational Databases)
  - Redland (not implemented yet, could be implemented using ruby bindings to librdf)

  - Apache Jena, in process (not implemented, JRuby only)
* Provide extensions in bel.rb or otherwise to load and create these repositories. Using the extension mechanism here is intended as convenience to the developer.

Rough component sketch

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