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This is the home of the Contributions space.  If you have a script, code examples, etc that you would like to share, please add them in this wiki space.  Best practice would be to host more than a short code snippet on GitHub or another public code repository and setup a page describing what your script does here and link over to the code repository page.  



There are two ways in which we prefer you to add contributions.  

1) Fork the OpenBEL Framework from our repository on Github. (This requires a Github account.)

         a) Make changes to your fork, and submit a Pull Request to OpenBEL Framework.

                   * For more information on how to use Github and Git, refer to the Github Tutorial.

2) Setup a page on this wiki, similar to a README, briefly describing what your code does and providing a
    link to the main code repository.

         a) Here is an example.


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