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  • Make manual entry of Citations easier - currently 3 fields are required
    • Ideally Citation should require the minimal amount of information to unambiguously identify the journal article, book, etc. cited
    • Should need only (1) a type of ID and (2) an unambiguous ID
  • Expand types of Citations to include DOI

BEL v1.0 Citation Annotation format

See Citation.

The Citation Annotation requires an ordered list composed of a comma separated list containing up to 6 fields. The first 3 fields - 'Type', 'Name', and 'Reference/ID' - are required. The remaining fields - 'Date', 'Authors', 'Comments' - are optional.

Supported types are "Book", "PubMed", "Journal", "Online Resource", or "Other"


 SET Citation = {"PubMed","Cell","16962653","2006-10-07","Jacinto E|Facchinetti V|Liu D|Soto N|Wei S|Jung SY|Huang Q|Qin J|Su B",""}


  • The 'Name' field is allowed to have different values for the same citation Reference/ID
  • The expected contents of the name field are not clearly defined
  • The 'Date' field requires YYYY-MM-DD format, which includes information not available via PubMed for a large number of articles

Proposed Representation

  • No major changes in format
    • Add "DOI" and "URL" as accepted types
    • Remove requirement for "Name" field (can leave empty, but require as placeholder)

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