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molecularActivity(), ma()

molecularActivity(ns:v) or ma(ns:v) is used to denote a specific type of activity function within an activity() term.

NOTE - The default BEL namespace includes commonly used molecular activity types, mapping directly to the BEL v1.0 activity functions.


default BEL namespace, transcriptional activity
act(p(HGNC:FOXO1), ma(tscript))
GO molecular function namespace, transcriptional activity
act(p(HGNC:FOXO1), ma(GO:"nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity"))
default BEL namespace, kinase activity
act(p(HGNC:AKT1), ma(kin))
GO molecular function namespace, kinase activity
act(p(HGNC:AKT1), ma(GO:"kinase activity"))
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