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These examples demonstrate the use of the orthologous relationships to link related genes from different species. Orthology is based on sequence similarity from resources such as HomoloGene.

The BEL Framework 2.0.0 compiler adds orthology relationships during Phase III

Orthologous Genes

This example demonstrates the use of the orthologous relationship to link orthologous genes from three different species:

g(EG:208) orthologous g(EG:11652)
g(EG:208) orthologous g(EG:25233)
g(EG:11652) orthologous g(EG:25233)

These statements indicate that the abundance of the genes designated by Entrez IDs 208, 11652, and 25233 (Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, and Rattus norvegicus AKT2) are orthologous.


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