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The direction of causal effect or correlation of two abundance or biological process terms is not always specified. The association relationship can be used in these cases:

SET Citation = {"PubMed", "Mech Ageing Dev. 2004 Oct-Nov;125(10-11):719-32.", "15541767"}
SET Evidence = "COUP-TFII is involved in the angiogenic process in the developing embryos."

# disambiguation - COUP-TFII refers to MGI Nr2f2

SET EmbryonicStructures = "Embryo, Mammalian"
proteinAbundance(MGI:Nr2f2) association biologicalProcess(GO:angiogenesis)

short form:

p(MGI:NR2F2) -- bp(GO:angiogenesis)

The statement represents that abundance of protein designated by the name Nr2f2 in the MGI namespace is associated in an unspecified manner with the biological process angiogenesis.

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