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This is the default system configuration file for the BEL Framework. The configuration uses the internal database management system which is not password protected.

  1. BEL framework system configuration using local Derby database connections.
  2. Pathway for local caching of BELFramework resources
    belframework_cache = {home}/.belframework/cache
  3. Pathway to work area for creating and storing intermediate
  4. files. Must be writable
    belframework_work = {tmp}/belframework
  5. KAM store catalog schema name; defaults to 'kam_catalog'.
    kamstore_catalog_schema = kam_catalog
  6. KAM store prefix for each KAM schema; defaults to 'kam'.
    kamstore_schema_prefix = kam
  7. KAM store database URL (Derby)
    kamstore_url = jdbc:derby:{home}/.belframework/database/KAMStore;create=true;
  8. Optional KAM store database username
  9. kamstore_user = <username>
  10. Optional KAM store database password
  11. kamstore_password = <password>
  12. Application log path
  13. application_log_path = {tmp}
  14. Path for storage of BEL Document Templates
    beltemplate_path = {home}/.belframework/templates
  15. URL to the BELFramework resource index XML file
    resource_index_url =
  16. KAM store encryption passphrase
    kamstore_encryption_passphrase = secret passphrase 1!
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