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This is the home of the BEL Scripts space.

Please add any BEL Scripts or BEL Knowledgebase endpoints here.  

BEL Documents are structured text files that contain BEL Statements and other metadata and definitions to fully describe the BEL Statements. The BEL Framwork provides parsers for two types of BEL Documents, BEL Script and XBEL. BEL Script is designed to be human-readable and can be created with a simple text editor. XBEL is an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) format that is designed to encode knowledge from a knowledge stream using a computer program.

BEL Script

BEL Script is designed to be easy to read and easy to create using either a simple text editor such as Wordpad or TextEdit. It is also easy to create using simple scripting languages such as Perl, Python or Ruby and is perfect for organizing small numbers of life science facts. For larger documents containing thousands of BEL Statements you should consider using XBEL. While BEL Script works fine, we find XBEL documents are faster to process and easier to check for syntax errors.
You can find the full specification for BEL Script on the BEL Script V1.0 Format page and there are a couple of examples that illustrate how easy it is to create. Make sure you understand the structure of the BEL language and are familiar with how BEL uses Namespaces and Annotation Types as it will make more sense if you have read up on the language first.


XBEL is an XML language for encoding BEL. XBEL uses an XML schema to define the entities and structure of the knowledge that has been encoded. While not very human-readable it is perfect for moving BEL content between applications but usually requires some sort of software to encode the XML and write the file. The XBEL format is compatible with all major development platforms including Microsoft, Java, Perl, Python, and Ruby as well as many others that can take advantage of schema validation.
You can find the full specification for XBEL in the XBEL schema  and examples of BEL Statements as XBEL .

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