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This is the home of the BEL Resource Files space. BEL Resource files include Namespaces, Equivalences, and Annotations. Additional Resources include Orthology, Gene Scaffolding, and Membership BEL Documents.


OpenBEL provides a set of Annotation Types and Namespaces that are available over the Internet for use with the BEL Framework. The .belns Namespace files, .beleq Equivalence files, and .belanno Annotation files can be found here: 


These pages describe the resource files that are provided by OpenBEL.

You can create custom BEL Namespaces and configure your BEL Framework installation to use these Namespaces. You can find a tutorial for creating and configuring custom Namespaces here.

We encourage you to share any custom BEL Namespaces that may be of interest to other users on the Custom Namespaces page.


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