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Data Model

  • BEL
    • BEL can be inputted as-is in both BEL script and XBEL.
  • RDF
    • RDF triples are produced for BEL statements w/ evidence.
    • Statements and terms are rooted to a chosen namespace for more stability (e.g. Entrez Gene identifiers).
    • BEL RDF can be connected to other datasets (e.g. Pubmed, Uniprot, GO).
    • Comparison of knowledge within and across multiple servers which enables collaboration and reuse.
  • Graph (specifically property graphs)
    • A graph-centric model represents BEL terms and relationships.
    • Strong model for algorithm development
      • Graph theory algorithms (MST, Centrality, Path finding, Clustering)
      • Reversal Causal Reasoning
    • Maintains links to RDF data to enable more use-cases
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