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Convert BEL to an RDF data model to store richer semantics and enhance our query capabilities.

The following use cases are in mind:

  • Connect to life sciences dataset (e.g. owl:sameAs for namepaces, annotations)
  • Namespace canonicalization and translation
  • Validation of BEL syntax and semantics
  • Extract subsets of BEL knowledge (e.g. by biological context, by citation, by curation method, etc.)
  • Orthologize BEL knowledge
  • Identify contradicting knowledge based on signal propagation along pathways
RDF Model

The following data types need to be converted to RDF to support these uses.


BEL Sparql queries


bel2rdf: (obsolete; use bel.rb) Initial proof-of-concept code to convert BEL to RDF

bel.rb (master branch): BEL to RDF conversion being merged into ruby gem as an optional feature.

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